30th Jubilee Celebrations

Darnall and Handsworth celebrated its 30th anniversary by holding two events over the Bank Holiday weekend, 29 - 30 August 2015. These were wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable events. Some truely remarkable and high quality chess games were played. We would like to thank everyone for their kind help, professionalism and for giving up their time on a Bank Holiday weekend. The events would certainly not have been a success without your support. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Fraser and Cameron Wilson for playing with us against The Rest of the World.

D&H vs Rest of the World

The Phoenix

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, Darnall and Handsworth were triumphant, beating The Rest of the World, 16.5 by 12.5 points. Day one brought together existing and previous members from the past to do battle with The Rest of the World. The time controll was 40 moves in 1hr 30mins and then an additional 30 minutes to finish the game. After a gruelling 4 hour marathon for each game, Darnall and Handsworth were victorious! We now sense our glory days of the past are back and that new and past members will hopefully join our excellent, successful club. Click here to download PDF score sheet

Board 1 Christopher N Ross 0.5 0.5 Daniel J S Sullivan (Ireland)
Board 2 Jos Woolley 1 0 Deji Jeje (Nigeria)
Board 3 Jonathan Arnott 0.5 0.5 Mike D Smith (USA)
Board 4 John Gallagher 0.5 0.5 Miles Edwards-Wright (UK)
Board 5 Rob Woodford 0.5 0.5 Anthony L Natt (UK)
Board 6 Harry Russell 0 1 Gary Hinchcliffe (Malta)
Board 7 Martin Sheard 0.5 0.5 Szilard Tamas (Hungary)
Board 8 William P Somerset 1 0 Ken Hunter (UK)
Board 9 Aram Ter-Gevorkian 1 0 John A Fryer (UK)
Board 10 Christopher G Willey 1 0 Ionel Dragan (Romania)
Board 11 Tomas Plachetka 1 0 Henry Withington (Jamaica)
Board 12 Ray Trigg 0.5 0.5 D Philip Morgan (Wales)
Board 13 Alan Bramal 1 0.5 John Woollard (Spain)
Board 14 Geoffrey D Brown 1 0 Neil Cameron (New Zealand)
Board 15 Danny Dawson 0.5 0.5 Barry Williams (England)
Board 16 Craig Chatterton 0.5 0.5 William J Egan (Ireland)
Board 17 Rob Black 0 1 Kieran Redhead (Grenada)
Board 18 Geoff Facer 0.5 0.5 Steve Withington (Ireland)
Board 19 Brian D Stephenson 0 1 Brian Lever (Isle of Man)
Board 20 Keith Booth 1 0 Chris A Fraser (Scotland)
Board 21 Glynn Smith 0 1 Sammy Benzaira (Morocco)
Board 22 Fraser Wilson 0 1 Brian Redhead (Grenada)
Board 23 Derek Chatterton 0.5 0.5 Eric McKenna (Scotland)
Board 24 R (Bob) Lindsay 0 1 Les J Fancourt (France)
Board 25 Mick Turnidge 0 1 Pete Willoughby (Portugal)
Board 26 David J Nesbitt 1 0 Ivan Basarab-Horwath (Ukraine)
Board 27 Claudio Benvisto 1 0 Callum Deery (UK)
Board 28 Cameron Wilson 0.5 0.5 Josephine Woollard (Spain)
Board 29 Philip D Acock 1 0 Danny Dhunna (India/Kenya)
16.5 12.5

Individual Rapid Play Tournament

Day two was a fun, 6 round individual rapid play event, with a 30 minute time limit. Under 150 grading prize was shared between Ionel Dragan and Geoff Brown. Under 110 grading prize was shared between Peter Willoughby, Ian Barker and Phil Acock. Click here to download PDF Score Sheet

=1st 5 / 6 Chris Ross and Rob Woodford
=3rd 4.5 / 6 Gary Hinchcliffe, Paul Fletcher and Deji Jeje
=6th 4 / 6 Geoff Brown, Bill Somerset, Martin Sheard and Ionel Dragan
=10th 3.5 / 6 Ken Norbury, Tomas Plachetka and Paul Cheshire
=13th 3 / 6 Aram Ter-Gevorkian, Peter Willoughby, Ian Barker, Phil Acock and Kieran Redhead
=18th 2.5 / 6 Neil Cameron, Brian Lever, Phil Morgan, Craig Chatterton and Danny Dawson
=23rd 2 / 6 Stephen Lee, Francis Kay, Guido Ngandu and Chris Fraser
=27th 1.5 / 6 Bob Lindsay, Eric McKenna and Les Fancourt
30th 0 / 6 Danny Dhunna

Jubilee Chess Problem

To coincide with the event Brian Stephenson has kindly created a chess problem. White to play and mate in 3 moves. Can you solve it?

1.R7f6 [ 2.R3f4+ exf4 3.Rxe6# ]
1…Nec6 2.Kc3 [ 3.Nd2# ]
1…Ng6 2.gxh4 [ 3.Ng3# ]
1…Nd5 2.Nd1 [ 3.Nf2# ] N5 any / hxg3 3.N(x)c3 / Nxg3#

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Jubilee Chess Problem
'I have added these principles to the law: get the Knights into action before both Bishops are developed.' -- Emanuel Lasker